A Small Group in August

Buncombe County, North Carolina

Five singers met in a living room, windows open, fans running, masked and socially distanced on Friday evening, August 6, 2021.

Opening prayer for the singing.
From The Christian Harmony (2010 Edition)
235, Faithful Soldier, for Jerry Israel
548, Macedonia
70t, Arlington
546b, Oak Grove
543. Chase High Road, IHO Larry Beveridge

From The Sacred Harp (1991 Edition)
86, Poland
178, Africa
415, Easter Morn
547, Granville
569b, Sacred Throne
313b, Cobb
312b, Restoration

270, Tender-Hearted Christian (Shen.Harmony)
429, Symyadda (Shen Harmony)
54, John 3:37 (GA Harmony), as the closing song.

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