Another Small Group in September

A patio in Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina
Saturday afternoon, 26 September 2020

Five singers met to sing from The Christian Harmony 1873 reprint,The Sacred Harp 1991 edition, and The New Harp of Columbia
Distanced seating, masks, no touching, BYO lunch.

After a pleasant lunch and visiting time, prayer was offered.
(CH) 129b, Quito
(CH) 60b, China - IMHO Ruth Bader Ginsburg
(CH) 61t, North Carolina
(CH) 61b, Gaines
(CH) 60t, Dunlaps Creek
(CH) 116t, The Finest Flower
(CH) 194t, Chester
(SH) 242, Ode on Science
Millbrook - from a handout
(SH) 569b, Sacred Throne
(SH) 28t, Aylesbury
(SH) 28b, Wells
(NHC) 152, Milford
(NHC) 158, Montgomery
(CH) 334, Symphony
(SH) 151, Symphony
A prayer of thanksgiving for friends and this beloved music.
(CH) 200b, Parting Hand - was sung as the closing song.

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27 September 2020