Small Group in September

A back garden in Swannanoa, Buncombe County, North Carolina
Sunday afternoon, 20 September 2020

Eight singers met to sing from The Sacred Harp 1991 edition
Distanced seating, masks, no touching, no food.

63, Coronation
138b, Ogletree
312b, Restoration (First)
313t, Concord
33b, Abbeville
344, Rainbow
330t, Horton
569b, Sacred Throne
302, Logan
277, Antioch
288, White
472, Akin
547, Granville
46, Let Us Sing
145b, Sweet Affliction
173, Phoebus
345t, Jesus Is My Friend
268, David's Lamentation
396, Notes Almost Divine
384, Panting for Heaven
31t, Ninety-Third Psalm
163b, China
285t, Arnold
39t, Detroit
112, The Last Words of Copernicus
148, Jefferson
492, Invocaiton (Second)
101t, Canaan's Land
with 267, Parting Friends (First) as the closing song.

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21 September 2020