Another Small Group in August

A driveway in east Buncombe County, North Carolina
Sunday afternoon, 16 August 2020

Four singers met to sing from The Sacred Harp 1991 edition and The Christian Harmony 2010 edition.
Distanced seating, masks, no touching, no food.

An opening prayer was offered.
48t (SH), Devotion
51 (SH), My Home (First)
479 (SH), Chester
503 (SH), Lloyd
28t (SH), Aylesbury
428 (SH), World Unknown
31t (SH), Ninety-Third Psalm
423 (SH), Grantville
338 (SH), Sawyer's Exit - for a sick friend
349 (SH), A Cross for Me
33b (SH), Abbeville
95 (CH), Canaan's Land
267 (SH), Parting Friends (First)
31t (CH), Home
232b (CH), Olean
67b (CH), Dundee
84 (CH), Homeland - for John Hollingsworth
318 (CH), The Martial Trumpet
130t (CH), Sacred Love
509b (CH), The Good Shepherd
131 (CH), Will You Meet Me? - for Tickanetley and Blue Ridge PB churches

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17 August 2020