A Small Group in June

In a driveway
Buncombe County, North Carolina
Saturday, 13 June 2020

A group of 5 singers met in a driveway to sing. They brought their own chairs, books, hand sanitizer, masks, and kept well apart from each other.

As the opening prayer, a poem from the internet about a pandemic and how the people found themselves anew.

Selections from the 2015 reprint of William Walker's 1873 The Christian Harmony:
61t, North Carolina
204t, Prayer Meeting (for Maggie Lauterer, surgery)
88, Pisgah
215t, In That Morning (for Scott Swanton, in hospital)
280t, Zion
281b, Palmetto
195, Garden (IHO Eli & Andrew's new farm)
299, Green Meadows
82b, Nightingale

Two songs from The Sacred Harp 1991 edition, IMO Bill Beverly:
86, Poland
547, Granville

handout of Millbrook

Songs from The Eclectic Harmony II:
66, Ten Thousand Charms
68, Oak Grove
72, Chase High Road
12, Paradise
28, Lovely Vine

The closing song was from The Christian Harmony:
89b, Northfield (for Diane Eskenasy and Tim Aldrich)

This was good soul food! :)
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