Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse

Little Greenbrier Schoolhosue
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
Sunday, 21 July 2019

All selections from New Harp of Columbia. Songs with 'A' are found in the Appendix of the Restored Edition.

Opening remarks by Robin Goddard. Andrew Whaley served as moderator. Joe Sarten served as secretary.
The class consisted of around 18-20 singers.

107 Holy Manna- Andrew Whaley
Opening prayer- Tony Hill
97A Athens- David Sarten
14 Mear- Bill Gathergood
74 Never Part Again- Robin Goddard
24 Salvation- Hal Wilson
129T Dublin- Joe Schrock
110 North Salem- Tina Becker
35 Ninety Fifth- Paul Clabo
22A Detroit- Roger Bland
16 Greenfields- Joe Sarten
48 Christian Contemplation- Claudia Dean
180 Whitestown- Janet Whaley
134 Indian's Farewell- Andrew Whaley
115 Northfield- Chris Wilhelm
143 Wondrous Love- David Sarten
80B Shawmut- Bill Gathergood
64T Zerah- Robin Goddard
42 Lenox- Tina Becker
99 Morning Trumpet- Joe Schrock
152 Milford- Chris Wilhelm
51 Mt Olivet- Paul Clabo
69B Middleton- Roger Bland
81B Golden Hill- Joe Sarten
47 The Promised Land- Claudia Dean
109 Bruce's Address- Hal Wilson
107 Holy Manna (by request)- Hal Wilson
95 Parting Hand- Andrew Whaley

Dismissed in prayer by Paul Clabo

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