A Little Singing School

Bannerman Dance Camp
Blue Ridge Assembly
Black Mountain, Buncombe County, North Carolina
Friday, 24 November 2017

Guy Bankes offered a small singing school during the Dance Camp weekend.

Selections from The Christian Harmony Walker book unless otherwise noted.
After a brief introduction to shapes and scales, we sang, going over each part and then putting them all together.
59t, Mear
77b, Cambridge
143t, Coleshill
89b, Northfield
55b, Idumea
327, Invitation, an example from The Sacred Harp
137, Antioch, in honor of the upcoming season

After the class, several of us stayed and continued to sing.

From The Georgian Harmony
54, John 3:37
25, Humility
51, Pilgrim

From The Sacred Harp
444, All Saints New
311, Silver Street
534, New Georgia
543, Thou Art God
545, The Pilgrim's Way

Notes - Mary Baumeister

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