Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Birthplace of Country Music Museum
Bristol, Washington County, Virginia
Saturday, 25 March 2017

All selections from The Christian Harmony (2010)

In attendance were singers from Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Don and Julianne Wiley, Mary Grace Walrath, Leslie Booher, Marjorie Schafer, Gaea Singer, Kristin Dauer, Jeanie Walker, Kim Trese, Alexander, Kelly, Justified by Faith, Strong in the Lord, and Chosen in Grace Garden, Rhody Jane Meadows, Peggy Holtsclaw, Gary Poe, Joe Poore, Teri Sandoval, Ben Fink, Sara Baskin, Igeary Pearcy, Debbie Messimer, Harvey Johnston, Two young females and a babe in arms. Anyone get their names?

Scotty Almany, Director for Education/Outreach welcomed the group for our third singing at this venue.

117 - Angel Band (handout from John Hollingsworth with shape names interlined)
Opening Prayer by Don

Rhody Jane gave an instruction session, teaching note names, chords, and intervals
Don did a brief history of shape-note singing


323 - Holy Manna [Don]
100 - Tennessee [Alexander]
359 - Wondrous Love - [Joe]
179 - Traveling On [Marjorie]
215 - In That Morning [Rhody Jane]
59 - Mear [Julianne]
546 - Oak Grove [Leslie]
Don led Dundee [67] as grace before breaking for lunch


421 - Caddo [Don]
55 - Idumea [Mary Grace]
40 - Mamie [Kim]
269 - Restoration [Jeanie]
104 - Everlasting Song [Kristin]
281 - Palmetto [Gaea]
109 - Not Made with Hands [Teri]
88 - Pisgah [Alexander]
89 - Northfield [Joe]
170 - On My Way [Marjorie]
245 - Bozrah [Ben]
432 - Fish Pond [Gary]
160 - The Saint's Delight [Harvey]


168 - Sunrise [Don]
128 - Ninety-Fifth [Julianne]
180 - The Sinless Summerland [Leslie]
339 - Samanthra [Mary Grace]
507 - Union [Rhody Jane]
129 - Coronation [Peggy]
349 - Redemption [Kim]
249 - Green Fields [Jeanie]
431 - Dungeness [Kristin]
214 - Hosanna [Ben]
436 - It Is I [Marjorie]
207 - Windham [Joe]
184 - Where We'll Never Grow Old [Teri]
152 - Messiah [Gaea]
471 - Rockingham [Ben]

Closing Song - Judkins [11]
Closing Prayer – Don

Don reports that it was "one of the best classes we have had in the ten years we have been singing in Upper East Tennessee. Two or three songs were sight singing for the class and I was impressed with the result. And I am most grateful for the relationship with the BOCM people. Could not ask for a better host."

Minutes: Jeanie Walker

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