Mazda Singing

J&S Cafeteria parking lot
Asheville, Buncombe County, North Carolina
Saturday, 28 November 2015

After lunch we sang in the car.

Songs were from The Christian Harmony (Walker book), The Shenandoah Harmony, and An Eclectic Harmony

CH 44t, Morning Song
CH 40b, Silver Street
CH 41t, Meditation
CH 172b, Lotha
CH 165b, Rockbridge
CH 164t, Convict
CH 171t, Sessions (IMO Sharon Kellam)
EH 78, Shropshire Hymn (also for Sharon)
EH 8, Paris
EH 92, Millbrook
Shen 420t, O Turn Ye
Shen 13t, Bourbon
CH 198, Creation (for Willie Israel)
CH 87t, Zerah (also for Willie)
CH 77b, Cambridge
EH 79, Evening Hymn
CH 82b, Nightingale (as a closing song)

Minutes - Mary Baumeister

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