Piccolo Spoleto Sacred Harp Singing

Gage Hall, Charleston, South Carolina
Saturday, May 24, 2014

Robert Kelley offered a beginner's introduction to Sacred Harp singing.
The class was called to order at 9:30am by Tom Ivey leading 101t.
John Gentry offered the opening prayer.
Michael Walker welcomed everyone and led 28b.
Leaders: Kathy Thom 143, Lauren Bock 36b, Rob Dillon 29b, Cleve Callison 569b, Chris Wilhelm 544, Michael Spencer 166, David Brodeur 441, Shannon Primm 101b, Dave Farmer 128, Amy Armstrong 209, Michael Thompson 283, Bobbie Albert 244, Jesse Karlsberg 345b, Leslie Booher 38b, Robert Kelley 442, Jane Spencer 548, Anthony Bishara 178, Mary Baumeister 48t (in memory of Sharon Kellam), Sharon Strong 456, John Gentry 229, Gene Pinion 72b.


Jesse Karlsberg called the class to order, leading 129.
Leaders: Anders Wells 110, Donna Smith 276, Judy Mincey 285 (in honor of all Chicago singers), Richard Ivey 83t, Nigel Bowley 92, Kathy Thom 503, Ian Quinn 269, Kelsey Ivey 440, Judith Parker 300, Terri Jowers 457, Pam Minor, Gill Minor and Lauren Bock 34b, Leslie Booher 163b, Michael Spencer 308, Cleve Callison 189, Bobbie Albert 142, Anthony Bishara 45t, Dave Farmer 210, Sharon Strong 438, John Gentry 383, Chris Wilhelm 202, Robert Kelley 518, Mary Baumeister 65, Rob Dillon 52b.
John Gentry offered the blessing before dinner on the grounds.


Tom Ivey called the class to order, leading 59.
Leaders: David Brodeur 460, Kelsey Ivey 187, Amy Armstrong 112, Judy Mincey 474, Judith Parker 146, Lauren Bock 426b, Jane Spencer 352, Michael Walker 292, Nigel Bowley 466, Shannon Primm 475, Ian Quinn 573, Jesse Karlsberg 550, Gene Pinion 318, Richard Ivey 477, Tom Ivey 447, Donna Smith 282, Pam Minor 155, Terri Jowers 235, Anders Wells and Lamar Wells 71, Michael Thompson 436.


Amy Armstrong, Lauren Bock and Kelsey Ivey called the class to order, leading 528.
Leaders: Richard Ivey, Jesse Karlsberg and Robert Kelley 200, Leslie Booher and Chris Wilhelm 473, David Brodeur and Anders Wells 556, Shannon Primm and Jane Spencer 522, Nigel Bowley and Mike Spencer 382, Ian Quinn, Michael Thompson and Michael Walker 89, Mary Baumeister and Marcus Shuler 70, Judy Mincey 481, Rob Dillon and Sharon Strong 77t, Judith Parker and Donna Smith 168, John Gentry and Gene Pinion 354b, Dave Farmer and Tom Ivey 532.
Following announcements, Tom Ivey led the closing song 347 (in honor of Raymond Hamrick's upcoming 99th birthday), and John Gentry dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman--Tom Ivey
Vice-Chair--Michael Walker
Secretary--Kathy Thom and Mary Baumeister
Arranging--Lauren Bock and Michael Thompson

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