Sharon Kellam's Memorial Service

Camp Elk Shoals, West Jefferson, Ashe County, North Carolina
Saturday 10 May 2014

A group of singers met at Boondocks in West Jefferson for lunch. There were enough of us that they gave us a separate space with tables pushed together. Of course we sang - so they closed the doors to our space. :) (It was a good singing space, too!)
Angel Band
Shropshire Funeral Hymn
Doxology (as Grace)

After lunch we went to Camp Elk Shoals for the Memorial Service in the Chapel on the New there.
During the service we sang selections from the Eclectic Harmony books 1 and 2 and The Christian Harmony Walker/Carolina edition.
EH1/53 - I'm Wandering To and Fro
EH2/12 - Paradise
EH2/6 - Union
EH1/92 - Milbrook
EH1/78 - Shropshire Funeral Hymn
CH/157b - Hallelujah / Amazing Grace

After the service singers formed a small square and sang - all selections from The Christian Harmony, Walker/Carolina edition.
185b, Corinth
89b, Northfield
171t, Sessions
55b, Idumea
60b, China
169b, Devotion
287, Indian Convert
120b, Spartanburg
51, Lonsdale
50, Cranbrook
49, Forever With the Lord
58b, Primrose
339, Samanthra
103b, Fish Pond
367, David's Lamentation
77b, Cambridge
307, True Happiness
200b, Parting Hand
Rev. Pete Parish offered a beautiful closing prayer.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

Singers: Willie Israel, Leslie Booher, Julianne Wiley, Don Wiley, Dan Huger, Gary Poe, Pete Parish, RhodyJane Meadows, Mary Baumeister, Ellie Hjemmet, Judy Mincey, Larry Beveridge.

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