Chestnut Dale Heritage Day

Chestnut Dale Baptist Church
Newland, Avery County, North Carolina
Saturday, 11 October 2014

Most selections from The Christian Harmony, Carolina (Walker) edition, with a few (as noted) from the 2010 edition.

Don Wiley welcomed the singers. After a brief introduction he led
21, Webster
Zack Allen offered the opening prayer.
Don then gave a brief background the The Christian Harmony - wondering how long since these songs were sung in Avery County.
78b, New Britain - Don Wiley
33t, St. Thomas - Mary Baumeister
117, Angel Band - Maggie Lauterer
289b, Happy Land - Don Wiley
59t, Mear - Leslie Booher
89b, Northfield - Mary Grace Walrath
381-D, Holy Manna - Don Wiley


157b, Hallelujah - Zack Allen
Zack took this opportunity to give a report on the Walker Book reprint. The goal is to maintain and preserve Walker's book with the Walker shapes at a price a new singer can reasonably afford. Having the print shop do all the scanning and corrections turns out to be entirely too expensive, so "we" must disassemble a book and scan each page in. Once all that is completed, a .pdf will be created and given to the printer. Sharon Kellam's list of needed corrections may be included as errata. A printed cover is still in the plan.
341, The Lone Pilgrim - Mary Baumeister IMO Clarence Parker
61t, North Carolina - Don Wiley
77b, Cambridge - Julanne Wiley
77t, Rockingham - Leslie Booher
35b, Boylston - Maggie Lauterer
67b, Dundee - as Grace for the noon meal


117, Angel Band - Don Wiley
143 (2010), Farther Along
130b, Passing Away - Mary Baumeister
299, Green Meadows - RhodyJane Meadows
191b, Oh! Turn, Sinner - Julianne Wiley
87 (2010), The Promised Land - Leslie Booher
55b (2010), Idumea - Mary Grace Walrath
36b, Albion - Mary Baumeister
46t, The Hill of Zion - RhodyJane Meadows
76b, Night - as the closing song
Don Wiley offered the closing prayer.

Thanks to Chestnut Dale Baptist Church for their hospitality and excellent lunch! Much appreciated. Sorry the day was so rainy for the festival.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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