Capitol City Shape Note Singing

Loeb Reception Center, Montgomery, Alabama
Thursday, July 17, 2014

The annual Capitol City Shape Note Singing was held on July 17, beginning at 10:00. Bill Hogan called the class together leading 59 (DSH). The morning prayer was offered by Hubert Nall. Joey Brackner welcomed the singers on behalf of the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture.

1992 Edition Sacred Harp Leaders: Judy Chambless 527(DSH); Robert Chambless 327 (DSH); Richard Mauldin 66 (DSH); Jim Aaron 503 (DSH); Jim Carnes 95 (DSH); Bea Aaron 475 (DSH); Ercyl Vidrine 335 (DSH); Hubert Nall 421 (DSH); Ann Jett 136 (DSH);
Christian Harmony Leaders: Billy Thompson 142 (CH); David Daniel 184 (CH); Eddie Pierce 82b (CH); Emma Calvert 91 (CH); Nancy Hogan 214 (CH); Rebecca Over 268 (CH); Wanda Capps 264 (CH); Mary Amelia Taylor 50 (CH); Tim Taylor 322 (CH).


Cooper Edition Sacred Harp Leaders: Alice Sundberg brought the class back to order leading 447b (CB). Leaders: Evie Eddins 553b (CB); Vickie Aplin 76b (CB); Ann Gray 571 (CB); Kenneth Smith 189 (CB); Ken Sundberg 123b (CB); Gary Padgett 532 (CB); Tommy Spurlock 464 (CB); Cathy Maddox 358 (CB); Adrian Nall 507b (CB);
Colored Sacred Harp Leaders: Joey Brackner 4 (CSH); Ken Sundberg 12 (CSH); Bill Hogan 24 (CSH); Robert Vaughn 25 (CSH); Steve Grauberger 95 (CSH); Stanley Smith "Just Give Me A Little More Time".


Bill Hogan brought the class back to order leading 300 (DSH).
1992 Edition Sacred Harp Leaders: Ann Gray 142 (DSH); Wayne Jones 84 (DSH); Linda Thomas 345 (DSH); Judy and Robert Chambless 472 (DSH); Kevin, Eric, Eli, Evan, Elam and Ezra Eddins 81t, 155 (DSH); Butch White 85 (DSH); Eddie Pierce 282 (DSH); Robert DuPree 569b (DSH);
Cooper Edition Sacred Harp Leaders: Wynette Smith 146 (CB); Dana Eddins 47 (CB); Emma Eddins 171 (CB); Elizabeth Duffy 451 (CB); Loretta Jones 516 (CB); Loretta Jones and Lloyd Jones 463 (CB); Rebecca Over 358 (CB);
Christian Harmony Leaders: Louise Crunk 248 (CH); Steve Grauberger 143 (CH); Ann Jett 149 (CH); Richard Mauldin 120 (CH); Wynette Smith 81t (CH); Rebecca Over and Nancy Hogan 159 (CH); Ann Renfroe and Bill Hogan 133 (CH); Gary Padgett 137 (CH); Emma Calvert 188 (CH); Robert DuPree and Louise Crunk 63 (CH);
Colored Sacred Harp Leaders: Stanley Smith 87 (CSH);
After the announcements Bill Hogan led 91b (CSH) as the closing song. Kenneth Smith offered the closing prayer.

Chairman--Bill Hogan; Vice-Chairman-- Nancy Hogan; Secretary--Judy Chambless

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