Shiloh Christian Harmony Singing

Shiloh Methodist Church
near Duncanville, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Sunday, October 27, 2013

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Before the singing was called to order, leaders called for the following be sung: Harvey Dockery 338; Jeff James 331; Tim Cook 280.

Harvey Dockery then opened the singing with prayer and called the following singers: Jeff James 243; Harvey Dockery 215; Jeff James 136; Harvey Dockery 50; Tim Cook 73b; Jeff James 78t; George Tatum 82; Dawn Mitchell 355; Tim Cook 81t; Harvey Dockery 81b; Jeff James 51; Tim Cook 59; Dawn Mitchell 58b; Tim Cook 38; Cindy Hall 53.


Tim Cook resumed the class by leading 70b, 412. The following leaders were then called: Billy Thompson 178, 179; Cindy Hall 180, 214; Jeff James 130b, 131; Dawn Mitchell 171, 303; Minerva Tatum 250t, 289, 140; Beth Tatum Brown and George Tatum 117, 264; Dawson Dockery 165, 293; Shirley Sparks 287; Robert DuPree 142, 63; Eddie Pierce 341, 41t, 109; Ola Meadows 157; Beth Ellen Cooley and Beth Tatum Brown 3.

Announcements were made. Tim Cook led 23b, as the closing song. Jeff James closed the singing with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jeff James, Secretary.

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