Giles Carter Memorial Singing

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Pendleton, Anderson County, South Carolina
Sunday, 2 April 2011

Selections from "The Christian Harmony" (2010)

Ken George welcomed the singers and guests and John Hollingsworth opened the singing with prayer. Ken then commented that we would be singing from the new Christian Harmony 2010 Edition and gave a brief explanation of shape note singing.

206 Ken George
419t Mary Baumeister
467b Robert Kelley
159t Chris Wilhelm
416t John Plunkett
67t Shannon Primm
215 Caroline Parsons
214 Becky Walker
36t John Hollingsworth
493b Michael Spencer
128t Steve Walker
307 Ken George
245 Mary Baumeister
478b Robert Kelley


63t Chris Wilhelm
479 John Plunkett
300 Shannon Primm
89 Caroline Parsons
490 Becky Walker
90 John Hollingsworth
401b Michael Spencer
167t Steve Walker
179 Ken George
448b Mary Baumeister
548 Robert Kelley
417b Chris Wilhelm


Ken George opened the business meeting and led in a memorial for Giles Carter, a founding member of this singing who passed away last summer. The following officers were elected: Ken George, President; Caroline Parsons, Vice-President; Chris Wilhelm, Secretary; Becky Walker, Treasurer. Caroline Parsons led 117.

468b John Plunkett
339 Shannon Primm
349 Becky Walker
147 Caroline Parsons
402t John Hollingsworth
128b Steve Rau
166 Michael Spencer
217 Steve Walker
383 Mary Baumeister
204t Ken George
258 Robert Kelley


255 Chris Wilhelm and Martha George, in memory of Giles Carter
367 John Plunkett, Ted Yoder's request
271 Shannon Primm
88 Caroline Parsons
140 Becky Walker
361 Michael Spencer
131 Steve Walker
316 Ken George
130b Mary Baumeister
369 Robert Kelley
250t Chris Wilhelm
543 John Plunkett
231 Shannon Primm
303 Caroline Parsons
541 Becky Walker
346 Steve Rau
465t Michael Spencer
87 Steve Walker

Ken George asked John Hollingsworth to lead 549b and Steve Walker closed the singing with prayer.

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