Little Hope Primitive Baptist Church

Eoline, Bibb County, Alabama
6 June 2010

Billy Thompson called the class to order leading 46t and 289b. Opening prayer offered by Doug Wyers. Leaders were called as follows: Jeff James 63t, 59t; Doug Wyers 349, 201; Margie Simmons and Patricia Brewster 110, 142; Ruth Wyers 121t, 264; Deborah Feaster 179, 175; Caitlin Graff 180, 189.


Billy Thompson resumed the class by leading 163t and 130. The following singers were then called to lead: Tim Cook 111t, 253, 231; Talma Clark 289b, 96; Ola Meadows 51; Pat Rigdon and Billy Thompson 204t.

A memorial singing for the descendants and relatives of Barney Thompson present: Billy Thompson, Martha Sue Thompson, Hester Creel, Maude Peterson, Levi Peterson, JoAnn Hansen, Betty Patterson, Donna Cicero, Ressie Deason, Margie Simmons, Robert McAfee, Silas McAfee, Elie McAfee, Jane Hannah, Faye, John F. They sang 179 and 78b.

Recess for dinner.

Singers resumed in the afternoon without leaders (except where indicated), singing the following songs: 41t, 40t, 40b, 95, 92, 93, 316; Tim Cook, Louise Crunk and Louisa Reyes 117; Louise Crunk and Louisa Reyes 248; Tom Nelson 85; Tyrone Morris 77, 186; Harvey Dockery 84, 188t; 214, 82b.

Announcements were made. Billy Thompson led 23b as the closing song.

Respectfully submitted by Tim Cook, Secretary.

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