Lawrence Chapel Methodist Church

Clemson, South Carolina
February 7, 2010

Song selections from The Christian Harmony (1873 Walker Edition)

Opening Prayer - John Hollingsworth

70b - Brown, Dan Huger
148 - Leander, Caroline Parsons
149b - Devotion, Chris Wilhelm and Dan Huger
129t - Coronation, Steve Rau
189b - Retreat, John Hollingsworth
80t - Caddo, Billy Hollingsworth
81t - Maitland, Ken George
77t - Rockingham, Jane Spencer
76b - Night, Mary Baumeister
67b - Dundee, Stephanie Brundage and Chris Wilhelm
128b - Hester, Steve Walker


291b - Warrenton, Caroline Parsons
255t - Watchman, Chris Berg
317 - Christian Soldier, Chris Wilhelm
79t - Seymour, Steve Rau
"Millbrook" from The Northern Harmony, Dan Huger
300 - Desire, Billy Hollingsworth
64t - The Penitent's Prayer, Ken George
267 - Louisiana, Jane Spencer
103b - Fish Pond, Mary Baumeister
59t - Mear, Stephanie Brundage and Mary Baumeister
254b - Sicily, Steve Walker
359 - Wondrous Love, Chris Berg
57b - Kambia, Mary Baumeister (by request)
175t - Breaker, Dan Huger (by request)
185b - Corinth, Steve Rau
206b - Supplication, Caroline Parsons
369 - Easter Anthem, Billy Hollingsworth (by request)
200 - Parting Hand, Ken George

Closing Prayer - John Hollingsworth

Following the singing we adjourned to the hall for a supper of delicious gumbo. Thank you, Ken and Martha, for your hospitality!

Minutes, Jane Spencer

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