St. Paul's Church

Pendleton, Anderson County, South Carolina
Saturday, 3 April 2010

Selections from The Christian Harmony (1873 Walker Edition, "Carolina book") and Christian Harmony ("Alabama book", Deason-Parris revision)

Ken George welcomed the singers and opened the singing with
204t, Prayer Meeting
John Hollingworth offered the opening prayer
270, Lena - Dan Huger
245b, Bozrah - Wayne Richard
189b, Retreat - Steve Walker
23t, Phillippi - Shannon Primm
336, Crucifixion - John Plunkett
381B, Babylon is Fallen - Laurel Horton
67b, Dundee - Becky Walker
215t, In That Morning - Caroline Parsons
214, Hosanna - Jane Spencer
139b, Suffield - Mike Spencer
128, Ninety-Fifth - Steve Rau
369, Easter Anthem - Bill Hollingsworth
311, Throne of Glory - Robert Kelley
117, Angel Band - Mary Baumeister (for Tom and Becky James)
343, Tell the Story - Gib Rogers
309t, Singing-School - John Hollingsworth


208t, Kedron - Dan Huger
141b, Detroit - Steve Walker
140, Edom - Laurel Horton
80t, Caddo - Shannon Primm
242, Waterford - John Plunkett
198, Creation - Becky Walker
89b, Northfield - Caroline Parsons
60b, China - Jane Spencer
322t, Little Worth - Mike Spencer
handout, Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah - Steve Rau
263, Autumn - Bill Hollingsworth
291b, Warrenton - Gib Rogers
89t, Brightest Days - John Hollingsworth

Lunch, grace offered by Ken George

207t, Windham - Laurel Horton
209t, The Lord's Supper - Robert Kelley
72t, Jordan - Mary Baumeister
341, The Lone Pilgrim - Dan Huger
248b, Union - Steve Walker
337, Sweet Harmony - Shannon Primm (for Michael Walker)
194t, Chester - Laurel Horton
112, The Dying Penitent - John Plunkett
255t, Watchman - Becky Walker
147t, Fairfield - Caroline Parsons
252, The Sufferings of Christ - Jane Spencer
361, Solemn Thought - Mike Spencer
56t, America - Bill Hollingsworth
81t, Maitland - Gib Rogers


321t, Olive Shade - Dan Huger
143b, Burford - Robert Kelley
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven - Mary Baumeister
217, Jerusalem - Steve Walker
186 (AL), Lord Remember Me - Laurel Horton
63t, Condescension - John Plunkett
86, Ortonville, Becky Walker
110t, Volunteers - Caroline Parsons
64 (AL), Youthful Blessings - Jane Spencer
163b (AL), Burroughs - Mike Spencer
225t (AL), Kenan - Bill Hollingsworth
63b, Azmon - Gib Rogers
215b, Kay - Robert Kelley
23b, Evening Hymn - Mary Baumeister

200b, Parting Hand
John Plunkett gave the closing prayer

Thanks to Giles Carter and Ken and Martha George for arranging this lovely space for the singing!

Minutes: Martha George, Mary Baumeister

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