Faith Primitive Baptist Singing

Faith Primitive Baptist Church
nr Hollywood, Habersham County, Georgia
Saturday, 15 April 2006

All selections Deason-Parris 'Alabama book'.

Mr Leonard Mooney greeted the singers, and led
27t-Morning Worship
Opening prayer, Ed Smith
32b-Zellville, Lawrence Mooney
16-The Finest Flower, Ed Smith
26b-Boylston (by req)
26b-Ninety-Third, Dan Huger
105t-Tender Care (by req)
280t-Zion, Edna Vickers
281b-Palmetto (by req)
269t-Restoration, Mary Baumeister
111t-Fleeting Days
255-Watchman, Chris Wilhelm
268-Come Ye to the Waters
81t-Maitland, Greg Smith
128t-Hester, Mark Weaver
278-Twilight is Falling
117-Angel Band, Robert Johnson
303-The Unclouded Day
258-Thorny Desert, Andy Morse
90-Brightest Days
122-The Dying Boy, Leonard Mooney
159t-Devotion, Lawrence Mooney
131-Will You Meet Me?, Ed Smith
253-Is It Far?
130b-Passing Away, Dan Huger
158-The Land of Rest, Edna Vickers
335-When I Am Gone
Blessing, Ed Smith


63b-Azmon, Lawrence Mooney
63t-Condescension, Mary Baumeister
160-The Saint's Delight, Chris Wilhelm
135-Raymond (by req, incl "by the numbers")
277b-Sweet Affliction, Greg Smith
95-Canaan's Land
245-Bozrah, Andy Morse
332-Babylonian Captivity
126-Ocean, Leonard Mooney
316-This Heavy Load, Lawrence Mooney
215-In That Morning
252-The Suffering Christ, Ed Smith
367-David's Lamentation, Dan Huger
82-Gospel Waves (for Mildred Chandler, in her absence)
293-Lenox, Edna Vickers
144b-Walk with God, Mary Baumeister
349-Redemption, Chris Wilhelm
143-Farther Along (by req)
97-The Guiding Star, Greg Smith
109-Not Made with Hands
100-Tennessee (by req)
274-Mother Tell Me, Andy Morse
184-Where We'll Never Grow Old

On the Fifth Sunday in October, Tickanetley Church (sixteen miles east of Ellijay, GA) will celebrate its one hundred and fiftieth Anniversary.

231-Indian's Farewell
Closing prayer, Lawrence Mooney

There were twenty singers.
It was the day before Easter; the day was clear, and quite hot. Spring was in full roar.

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