Deason Memorial Christian Harmony Singing

Little Hope Primitive Baptist Church
Eoline, AL
Sunday, 19 March 2006

Singing opened with Billy Thompson, President, leading 163t and 281b. Prayer was offered by Jeff James. Leaders were called as follows: Tim Cook 280t, 36t; Henry Guthery 120, 64; Cindy Tanner 82b, 322; Jeff James 264, 128b; Donna Carol Kornegay 55b, 303; Ann Jett 149, 180; Robert Walker 49, 91; Mako Cook 91, 70b.


Billy Thompson reconvened the singing by leading 179 and calling the following leaders: Ruth Wyers 253 (in memory of Clara Smith), 135; Marlin Beasley 129, 117; Elsie Moon 31t, 85b; Robert DuPree 81t, 349; Gary Smith 128t, 46t; Danny Creel 338b, 172; Henry Guthery III 40b; Louise Crunk 248; John Merritt 171; John Merritt and Henry Guthery III 255, 258.

Recess for dinner. Tim Cook offered the blessing on the noon meal. Due to continuous rain, the meal was partaken inside the church.

Billy Thompson called singers to order leading 41t and then called leaders as follows: Ola Meadows 58t, 214; Wanda Capps 131, 170; Billy Thompson 41t; Caitlin James 184, 253; Cassie Franklin Allen 54; Bobby Watkins 111t, 89; Sarah Beasley Smith 120, 56b; Harrison Creel 93, 176; Henry Guthery 19; John Merritt 204, "Nothing But The Blood" (by request of Ruth Wyers); Cassie Franklin Allen 326, 308, 354; Robert Walker 178; Harrison Creel 364.

Announcements were made. Billy Thompson led 23b as the closing song. Prayer offered by Marlin Beasley.

Respectfully submitted by
Tim Cook

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