Fifth Annual Rocky Mount Historical Museum Singing

Piney Flats, Sullivan County, Tennessee
Saturday, 13 August 2005

The singers were welcomed by host Mary Grace Walrath.

The morning session was sung from Christian Harmony, William Walker reprint ("Carolina book").

78b-New Britain, Dan Huger
261t-The Good Shephard
258-Thorny Desert, Sarah Jane Thomas
299-Green Meadows
59t-Mear, Mary Baumeister
59b-Dove of Peace
56t-America, Robert Handel
171t-Sessions, Don Wiley
55b-Idumea, Dan Huger
381D-Holy Manna (by req)
381B-Babylon Is Fallen (by req)
215t-In That Morning, Sarah Jane Thomas
42t-Rosalie, Dan Huger (by req) Errata: should be in 3/2, not 3/4 (!!)
89t-Northfield, Sarah Jane Thomas
381A-Not Made with Hands, Mary Baumeister
128b-Hester, Don Wiley
128t-Ninety-Fifth, Dan Huger (by req)
128t-Coronation (by req)


The afternoon session was sung from New Harp of Columbia.

80b-Shawmut, Dan Huger
52A-Evening Shade
37-Hopewell, Mary Baumeister
163-New Topia, Jeff Farr
139-Meditation, Steve Stone
56t-Heavenly Armor (v. 2,3: p. 85)
143-Wondrous Love, Sarah Jane Thomas
124-The Saint's Adieu, Don Wiley
74-Never Part Again
23b-Duke Street, Robert Handel
134-Indian's Farewell
61-Leander, Rosemary Scheiman
53b-Dundee, Dan Huger
73t-O Sing to Me of Heaven, Mary Grace Walrath
CH117-Angel Band, Ellie Hjemmet


CH200b - Parting Hand

Closing prayer, Don Wiley

The day was hot and hazy. We had about 25 singers in the square, and about 20 more singers/listeners, just before dinner.

Minutes: Dan Huger

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