First Annual ‘Lost Provinces’ Singing

Ashe County Arts Council
West Jefferson, Ashe County, North Carolina
Sunday, 21 August 2005

All selections Wm Walker 2nd edition (1873), 1994 reprint. ("Carolina book").

Singing School
210t - Old Hundred, Sharon Kellam (2nd verse traditional)
Opening Prayer - David VanHoy

129t-Coronation, Sharon Kellam
Singing School - Sang the shapes, talked about history of some of the songs and their titles, meter, shapes
277-Sweet Affliction
157-Hallelujah (To illustrate common meter tune to Amazing Grace words)
110t-Volunteers, Dan Huger
261t-The Good Shepherd
81t-Maitland, Sharon Kellam (To illustrate the Primitive Baptist tradition of singing & a fermata)
144b-Walk With God, Mary Baumeister
117-Angel Band, Ann Holloway
89b-Northfield, Sharon Kellam (To illustrate differences in shape note books & leading styles of 4/4 time)
287-Indian Convert, Dan Stratton
381C-Twilight is Falling, Ailene Young
381D-Holy Manna, Sarah Jane Thomas
35b-Boylston, Chris Wilhelm
171t-Sessions, Don Wiley
217-Jerusalem, Jane Spencer
115b-It Is I, Lucy Sandidge
289b-Happy Land, Dot Lane (by request)
234-The Singing Christian
339-Samanthra, Weldon Thornton
67b-Dundee, Dan Huger
Blessing, Dan Huger


255t-Watchman, Sharon Kellam
95b-Canaan's Land, Dan Huger
88-Pisgah, Jane Spencer
151-Sweet Prospect
147t-Fairfield, Sharon Kellam
381A-Not Made with Hands, John Caldwell
279-Oliphant, Lucy Sandidge
170b-Bohemia, Mary Baumeister
58b-Primrose, Chris Wilhelm
359-Wondrous Love, Christy Hoffman
128b-Hester, Don Wiley
51-Lonsdale, Lucy Sandidge
168b-Rest, Sharon Kellam

200b-Parting Hand

Closing Prayer - John Caldwell

There were twenty or so singers, with another twenty listeners. The weather was hot. The dinner was excellent, even without the chicken wings John Caldwell went to get just before dinner, and had to fight for. (Thanks, John!)

Minutes: Sharon Kellam and Jane Spencer

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