Hale County Christian Harmony Convention
China Grove Methodist Church, Moundville, Alabama

Sunday, 12 September 2004
All selections from the "Alabama book" (1994).

Singing opened with Billy Thompson, President, leading 323 Holy Manna, 307 True Happiness.
Prayer offered by Tim Cook.

Leaders called as follows:
Jeff James 324 Fair Fields of Eden, 277b Sweet Affliction, 21b Webster
Tim Cook 86t Ortonville, 86b Hicks' Farewell
Ruth Wyers 82b Gospel Waves, 92 Promised Day, 325b Jesus Died For Me
Robert DuPree 16 The Finest Flower, 81t Maitland, 47 Panting For Heaven
Retha Deason 96 Mighty Love, 110 Volunteers


Billy Thompson called singing back leading 289 Happy Land and calling the following leaders:
Mary E. Thompson 163t Hollis, 277b Sweet Affliction
Louise Crunk 248 Twilight Is Falling
Ola Meadows 123 Rapturous Scene, 58t Liverpool
Billy Thompson 117 Angel Band
Jeff James 287 Indian Convert, 291 Warrenton, 128t Hester, 128b Ninety- Fifth
Tim Cook 73b Downs, 70t Arlington, 111b Judkins.

Recess for dinner.
Pastor Grant Parker offered the blessing on the noon meal.

Billy Thompson called singers to order leading 235 and then called leaders as follows:
Dawson Dockery 239t Soft Music, 171b Sessions
Harvey Dockery 358 O Come, Come Away, 117 Angel Band (by request)
Jeff James 87 The Promised Land, 91 There Is A Fountain
Mary E. Thompson 327 The Christian's Hope, 338b Davis
Retha Deason 106 Sweet Rivers, 109 Not Made With Hands
Robert DuPree 287 Indian Convert (by request), 165 Babylon Is Fallen
Ola Meadows 256t Pleading Savior, 135 Raymond
Louise Crunk 248 Twilight Is Falling (by request)
Ruth Wyers 40b Weeping Sinners, 253 Is It Far?, 349 Redemption
Louisa Reyes 179 Traveling On
Tim Cook 105b Hamburg; 30b Dennis
Billy Thompson 143 Farther Along.

Announcements were made.

Billy Thompson led 78b New Britain as the closing song.
Prayer offered by Pastor Grant Parker.

Respectfully submitted by Ruth Wyers and Tim Cook

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