The 1st PLOTT-TOBER FEST Singing

Morning Star United Methodist Church
Dutch Cove Road, Canton, Haywood County, North Carolina

Sunday, October 8, 2023

All selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 2015 Folk Heritage reprint).

June Smathers Jolley welcomed the singers, and offered the opening prayer.

Dan Huger gave a brief intoduction to shapes and shapenote singing. He then led 78b, New Britain, breaking out the individual parts before singing all together.

55b, Idumea - Larry Beveridge
58b, Primrose - June Smathers-Jolley
46t, The Hill of Zion - Mary Baumeister
194t, Chester - Diane Eskenasy
214, Hosanna - Willie Israel
215t, In That Morning - Scott Swanton
81t, Maitland - Andy Morse
216t, O, Save - Clarke Williams
216b, Social Band - Maddy Mullany
129t, Coronation - Carolyn Ogburn
359, Wondrous Love - Chris Berg
105b, Resignation - Lois Porter, with Andy Morse
367, David's Lamentation - Dan Huger
21, Webster - Larry Beveridge
88, Pisgah - June Smathers-Jolley, IMO Quay Smathers
117, Angel Band - Mary Baumeister
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
35b, Boylston - Willie Israel
130b, Passing Away - Scott Swanton
103b, Fish Pond - Andy Morse
85t, Pardoning Love - Clarke Williams
116t, The Finest Flower - Maddy Mullany
248b, Union - Carolyn Ogburn
67b, Dundee - Chris Berg

Scott Swanton led 200b, Parting Hand, as the closing song.

Willie Israel gave the closing prayer.

The singers gathered early to have BYO lunch together, a very nice thing to do.

We sang inside the church, sitting in the nave with those who came to listen. There were about 40 singers and guests.

June recorded several live streams of the singing for the Museum of Haywood County History's Facebook Page. This is a public page, so anyone can access it. The live streams will be up for 30 days on Facebook. (There are a lot of festival pictures posted too; several folks were asking about the Plott hounds.)

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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