Fifth Annual Wears Valley Convention

Wears Valley, Tennessee
Saturday, 25 September and Sunday, 26 September, 2021

All selections from The New Harp of Columbia..

Saturday, 25 September at Elkmont Chapel of Valley View Baptist Church

Morning Session:
107 Holy Manna- Andrew Whaley
Joe Sarten opened in prayer
87T Hightower- Paul Clabo
16 Greenfields- Joe Sarten
143 Wondrous Love- Elizabeth Wood
14 Mear- Mandy Rogers
15 Prospect- Mary Baumeister
99 Morning Trumpet- Cora Jones
74 Never Part Again- Lois Porter
180 Whitestown- Elizabeth Wood
22A Detroit- David Sarten
151 Pleyel's Hymn- Bob Brylawski
115 Northfield- Phillip Pardue
114T Zion- Leslie Booher
74 Never Part Again- Robin Goddard
131T Marston- Janet Whaley
66 Clinton- Chris Wilhelm
72A Messiah- Andrew Whaley
75T Anticipation- Paul Clabo
73T Oh Sing To Me Of Heaven- Joe Sarten
144 Rowley- Elizabeth Wood
35 Ninety Fifth- Mandy Rogers
61 Leander- Mary Baumeister
11A Old Hundred- Lois Porter
80B Shawmut- Heather Wood
117 Coronation- Leslie Booher
63B Azmon- David Sarten
42 Lenox- Bob Brylawski
109 Bruce's Address- Phillip Pardue

Afternoon session:
51 Mount Olivet- Andrew Whaley
64T Zerah- Robin Goddard
22T Missionary Chant- Leslie Booher
121 Seaman- Chris Wilhelm for Judy Mincey
180 Whitestown- Elizabeth Wood
122 Summer- Paul Clabo
125B New Haven- Cora Jones
57 Protection- Joe Sarten
30 Sion's Security- Elizabeth Wood
47 Promised Land- Mandy Rogers
43 Pleasant Hill- Mary Baumeister
36A Middlebrook- Lois Porter and Mary Baumeister
94 Devizes- Sara Melton
72T My Mother's Bible- Andrew Whaley in memory of the Lamons family
52A Evening Shade- Elizabeth Wood
20A Fairfield- Joe Sarten
97A Athens- David Sarten
44 Idumea- Bob Brylawski
20B Hebron- Robin Goddard for Bruce Wheeler
81B Golden Hill- Joe Sarten
104T Mount Vernon- Leslie Booher
114B Richmond- Chris Wilhelm for Bob Richmond and Kathleen Mavournin
134 Indian's Farewell- Andrew Whaley in memory of Uncle Johnny Clabo
39T China- Leslie Booher
69B Middleton- Cora Jones and Andrew Whaley
168A Lena- Andrew Whaley
95 Parting Hand- Joe Sarten

Sunday, 26 September at Headrick Chapel

Morning Session
107 Holy Manna- Andrew Whaley
89 Morality- Mary Baumeister
117 Coronation- Lois Porter
115 Northfield- Abbie Dallmann
143 Wondrous Love- Mandy Rogers
13 Reflection- Paul Clabo
25 Ninety-Third- Joe Sarten
99 Morning Trumpet- Sharee Green
62T Peterboro- Chris Wilhelm
164T Marion- Andrew Whaley
21A Consolation- Leslie Booher
115 Northfield- Christy White
81B Golden Hill- Robin Goddard
69B Middleton- Janet Whaley
22A Detroit- David Sarten
62A Florida- Bob Brylawski
85 Greenland- Andrew Whaley
108A Star In The East- Mary Baumeister
44 Idumea- Lois Porter
67T Soda- Mandy Rogers
139 Meditation- Paul Clabo
83 Kingwood- Joe Sarten
56B Warrenton- Sharee Green
68T Paradise- Sara Melton
110 North Salem- Nathan Rees
56T Heavenly Armour- Jonathon Smith
41B Nashville- Chris Wilhelm
114T Zion- Leslie Booher in memory of Martha Graham
144 Rowley- Christy White
131T Marston- Janet Whaley
117 Coronation- Robin Goddard
155 Exhortation- Bob Brylawski

Afternoon Session
59T Marlow- Andrew Whaley for Bruce Wheeler
119 Holy Army- Joe Sarten
216 O Praise God in His Holiness- Mary Baumeister
14 Mear- Lois Porter and Elizabeth Wood
15 Prospect- Nathan Rees
30 Sion's Security- Mandy Rogers
35 Ninety Fifth- Elizabeth Wood
51 Mount Olivet- Paul Clabo
48 Christian Contemplation- Joe Sarten in memory of Henrietta Sharp
180 Whitestown- Sharee Green
22A Detroit- Roger Bland
112 Humility- Jonathon Smith
124 Saints Adieu- Andrew Whaley
22T Missionary Chant- Leslie Booher
53B Dundee- Christy White
74 Never Part Again- Robin Goddard for Paul Clabo
183 Long Ago- Bob Brylawski
66 Clinton- Nathan Rees
117 Coronation- Elizabeth Wood
146 Edom- Sharee Green
95 Parting Hand- Andrew Whaley

Minutes by Mandy Rogers

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