Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church

Tickanetley Community, Gilmer County, Georgia
Sunday, 23 August 2015

There had been an hour of singing in the morning and then preaching, followed by the usual excellent dinner-on-the-ground. The singing was called back to order at 1 pm.

Afternoon Selections (Christian Harmony, 2010 edition):
31t, Home
290, Amity
59t, Mear
204t, What a Day
126, Ocean
346, Star In the East
372, I Won't Turn Back
16, The Finest Flower
316, This Heavy Load
35t, Lisbon
30b, Dennis
337, To Die No More
476b, Shepherd
167t, Detroit
180, The Sinless Summerland
455b, Rockbridge
491, Nashville
255, Watchman
165, Babylon is Fallen
239t, Soft Music
135, Raymond
355, Homeward Bound
82t, Lady, Touch Thy Harp Again
42, Joy-Bells
228, Pass Me Not
217, Jerusalem
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven
23b, Evening Hymn

Notes: Mary Baumeister

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