Blue Ridge Primitive Baptist Church

Chatsworth, Georgia
14 June 2014

The morning session was from the Old School Hymnal (11th Ed.)

Afternoon session - Christian Harmony (Alabama book)

31t, Home
35t, Lisbon
77, How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
87, The Promised Land
86t, Ortonville
109, Not Made With Hands
274, Mother Tell Me of the Angels
180, The Sinless Summerland
55b, Idumea
269t, Restoration
143, Farther Along
214, Hosanna
82b, Gospel Waves
303, The Unclouded Day
287, Indian Convert
228, Pass Me Not
255, Watchman
59, Mear
204, What a Day
127b, Spartansburg
61t, North Carolina
161t, Wells
159t, Devotion
91, There is a Fountain
117, Angel Band
179, Traveling On
86t, Ortonville

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