Portland All-Day Christian Harmony Singing

The Little Church, Portland, Oregon
Sunday, May 5th, 2013

The first Portland All-Day Christian Harmony Singing was called to order by Cornelia Stanton leading 398t. The morning prayer was offered by Lyle Lindsey. A brief business meeting was held to elect the officers. Chairperson - Cornelia Stanton; Treasurer - Nell Whitman; Secretary - Anna Stoerch.

Cassie Allen was introduced as the singing school teacher. Mrs.Allen shared stories of her family of five generations of Sacred Harp and Christian Harmony singers. She described the history of the Christian Harmony tunebook and some of its most influential composers, including William Walker, O. A. Parris and John Deason. As an example of these composers' styles and the variety of tunes found in this book, she led 235, 74, 172, 322, 82b, and 180.


The class was called back to order by Chris Cotter leading 36t. Leaders: Anna Stoerch 253; Heather Ikeler 43; Kelly Kennedy 365; Lyle Lindsey 26b; Steve Cackley 54; Mary Ellen Schrock 189; Tim Cook 432b; Kate Fine 91; Jane Spencer 318; David Wright 101; Tom McTighe 276; Betsy Jeronen 57; Kevin Barrans 100; Gosia Perycz 353 (in memory of her grandmother); Ben Copenhaver 493b.


The class was called back to order by Katy Kanfer leading 72t. Leaders: Erik Schwab 231; Bob Schinske 143; Mary Gowins 346; Carolyn Deacy 361; Natalie Jablonski 372; Steve Helwig 166; Jennie Brown 64; Ana Tighe 151; Mark Miller 168b. Lyle Lindsey offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Heather Ikeler leading 16. Leaders: Thom Fahrbach 352; Linda Selph 167t; Tamara Harris 63b; Karen Willard 537; Amber Smith 126; Cassie Allen 332; Tim Cook 421b; Mary Ellen Schrock 184; Scott Kennedy 171b; Kelly Kennedy 170; Kevin Barrans 155; Tom McTighe 424; Caleb Hardy 230t; Anna Stoerch 175; Cornelia Stanton 149; Steve Helwig 419t; Nell Whitman 19; Mark Miller 548; Clarissa Fetrow 58b.


The class was called back to order by Kelly Kennedy leading 246. Leaders: Bradley Knoke and Amanda Jokerst 111b; Bob Schinske 470; Erik Schwab 154; Ben Copenhaver 176; Gosia Perycz 316; Katy Kanfer 223; Natalie Jablonski 144b; Mary Gowins 109; Jennie Brown 197; Chris Cotter 312; Steve Cackley 142; Betsy Jeronen 292; Thom Fahrbach 544; Kate Fine 77; Heather Ikeler and Jane Spencer 510b; Caleb Hardy 306; Karen Willard 309; Ana Tighe 337b. A business meeting was opened to hear committee reports and offer gratitude for all the hard work that made this singing a great success. The arranging committee reported 80 attendees. Cornelia Stanton led the class in the closing song 67b. Lyle Lindsey offered a closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson - Cornelia Stanton; Secretary - Anna Stoerch

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