Brasstown Singing

John C Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, Cherokee County, North Carolina
Saturday, 6 June 2013

All selections were from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition

Leaders and the songs they led during the day:
Steve Walker: 87 Promised Land, 167t Detroit, 486t Retreat
Robert Varkony: 59t Mear, 428 Zerah, 498 Hendon, 105b Hamburg
Jackie Reid: 289b Happy Land, 129 Coronation, 367 David's Lamentation, 541b Resignation
Will Peebles: 88 Pisgah, 51 Lonsdale, 344 Morality, 493t Kedron
Robert Kelley: 432b Fish Pond, 359 Wondrous Love, 245 Bozrah, 67t Peterboro
Mike Spencer: 30b Dennis, 163t Hollis, 465t Breaker, 361 Solemn Thought
John Hollingsworth: 31t Home, 93 Something New, 131 Will You Meet Me?, 250 Realms of the Blest
Billy Hollingsworth: 31b Time, 135 Raymond, 157 Hallelujah, 421b Caddo, 369 Easter Anthem
Mike Nichols: 88 Pisgah, 191 Oh Turn Sinner, 167b Come Along
Jeanie Marsh: 189 One by One, 47 Panting for Heaven, 117 Angel Band, 184 Where We'll Never Grow Old
Greg Smith: 55b Idumea, 180 Sinless Summerland, 290 Amity, 105t Tender Care
Mary Baumeister and Kitty Reusch: 455b Rockbridge, 130t Sacred Love, 61t North Carolina, 25b Brimmer (for Sharon Kellam)
Ann Stange: 214 Hosanna, 507t Union, 136 Sherburne, 140 Edom
Chris W: 419t Rockingham, 186 Lord, Remember Me, 54 My Trust, 509t Break of Day
Tina Becker: 67b Dundee, 269 Restoration, 490 Creation, 76b Night
Nick Gaddis: 215 In That Morning, 89 Northfield, 109 Not Made With Hands, 165 Babylon is Fallen
Becky Walker: 291 Warrenton, 106 Sweet Rivers

Minutes: Steve Walker

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