122nd Old Folk's Day Singing
186th Year of the Church

Morning Star Methodist Church
Dutch Cove, Haywood County, North Carolina
Sunday, 9 September 2012 (Second Sunday)

The Christian Harmony, 2010

June Smathers Jolley welcomed the singers, gave the opening prayer and led
66b, The Penitent's Prayer
21, Webster
215, In That Morning - Scott Swanton
214, Hosanna
318, The Martial Trumpet - Jane Spencer
510b, Invitation
330, Fulfillment - Don Wiley (in memory of Quay Smathers)
421b, Caddo
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
89, Northfield
52, Newburg - Rachel Rudi
269t, Restoration
88, Pisgah - Chris Wilhelm
128b, Ninety Fifth
399b, Thatcher - Mary Baumeister (for Sharon Kellam)
255, Watchman (in memory of Miss Ann)
313, Bruce's Address - Katy Kanfer
14, I'll Serve My Lord


109, Not Made With Hands - Carl Blozan
135, Raymond (by the shapes, by the numbers, with the poetry)
507t, Union - Dot Lane
171b, Sessions
160, The Saint's Delight - Julianne Wiley
509b, The Good Shepherd
79, Kingwood - Mike Nichols
229, Tranquility
490, Creation - Joe Holbert
282, Friendship
117, Angel Band - Mary Baumeister and Kitty Reusch (for the daughters)


55b, Idumea - Larry Beveridge
316, This Heavy Load
Closing prayer, offered by Larry Beveridge
200, Parting Hand - Scott Swanton

Minutes, Mary Baumeister

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