Brasstown Singing

John C Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, Cherokee County, North Carolina
Saturday, 7 June 2012

All selections were from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition

Leaders and the songs they led during the day:
Laurel Horton
87, The Promised Land
217, Jerusalem
245, Bozrah
140, Edom
Judy Mincey
51, Lonsdale
133, Juniata
280, Zion
Robert Varkony
117, Angel Band
498, Hendon
171, Sessions
Bill Hogan
214, Hosanna
172, The Grand Highway
170, On My Way
Becky Walker
89, Northfield
67b, Dundee
291, Warrenton
Mike Nichols
255, Watchman
443, Christmas
339, Samanthra
Nora Berson
157b, Hallelujah
78b, New Britain
Steve Walker
167t, Detroit
35b, Boylston
258, Thorny Desert
Nancy Hogan
149, A Good Time Coming
210t, Old Hundred
166, What Can I Do?
Paul Mooney, jr
109, Not Made With Hands
131, Will You Meet Me
136, Sherburne
Mary Baumeister
163t, Hollis (for Sharon Kellam)
121b, Greensboro
545b, Mount Vernon (for her mother-in-law)
Michael Spencer
361, Solemn Thought
30b, Dennis
334, Jordan's Stormy Wave
Andy Morse
64, Youthful Blessings
189, One by One
Chris Wilhelm
72t, Jordan
219, Rapture
203, Cumberland
John Plunkett
304, Blue Vale of Naucoochee (with Edna Vickers)
459b, Refuge
507, Union (by request)
Will Peebles
344, Morality
493t, Kedron
88, Pisgah
Greg Smith
56t, America
248, Twilight is Falling
105t, Tender Care
Anita Landess
70b, Brown
208b, French Broad
59b, Dove of Peace
Angie Lawless
369, Easter Anthem
Marty Hubert
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old
Pamela Ulosevich and Garrett
179, Traveling On (for Henry Vickers)
41t, Mediation
Jackie Reed
367, David's Lamentation
289b, Happy Land
Laurel, Esther, and Dottie
143, Farther Along

Closing Song: 200, Parting Hand
Closing Prayer: Andy Morse
Minutes: Judy Mincey

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