The Old Fields

Elizabethton, Tennessee
Sunday, 21 March 2010

All selections from The Christian Harmony, "Carolina" book

68b, Arlington
80t, Caddo
214, Hosanna
215t, In That Morning
269t, Restoration
367, David's Lamentation
78b, New Britain
163t, Hollis
89b, Northfield
293, Lenox
88, Pisgah
315, David's Victory
207t , Windham
117, Angel Band
178b, Duke Street
24b, Fredrica
171t, Sessions
30b, Dennis
31t, Home
160b, Hebron
191b, Oh! Turn, Sinner
328, Pass Me Not
76b, Night

About twelve singers, including three newcomers.
The April third Sunday (22nd ) will be at the old log church at Sinking Creek Baptist.
Also, announcement was made of an all day singing in Bristol, Saturday before the 4th Sunday in May.

Minutes recorded by Kelly Rose Garden.

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