120th Old Folk's Day Singing
184th Year of the Church

Morning Star Methodist Church
Dutch Cove, Haywood County, North Carolina
Sunday, 12 September 2010 (Second Sunday)

The singing used The Christian Harmony of W. Walker (1994 reprint).

Chair June Smathers Jolley called the singing to order at 1:20 pm, and gave the opening prayer.
307-True Happiness, June Jolley
170b-Bohemia, Mary Baumeister
282-Friendship, Joe Holbert
103b-Fish Pond, Chris Wilhelm
105-Resignation, Frances Cutshaw
341-Lone Pilgrim, Dan Huger
89b-Northfield, Diane Eskenasy
255-Watchman, Marty Sullivan
359-Wondrous Love, Carl Blozan
88-Pisgah, June Jolley
61t-North Carolina, Mary Baumeister
198-Creation, Joe Holbert
111t-Minister's Farewell, Chris Wilhelm
117-Angel Band, Frances Cutshaw
261t-The Good Shepherd, Dan Huger
51-Lonsdale, Diane Eskenasy
381A-Not Made with Hands, Marty Sullivan
320-Urmund, Carl Blozan
78b-New Britain, June Jolley
46t-The Hill of Zion, Mary Baumeister
214-Hosanna, Joe Holbert
248b-Union, Chris Wilhelm
318-The Martial Trumpet, Dan Huger
129t-Coronation, Diane Eskenasy
204t-Prayer Meeting, Marty Sullivan
367-David's Lamentation, Carl Blozan
200b-Parting Hand
Closing prayer, June Jolley

The day was fair, with a cool breeze. We had considerable rain last night.
There were 18 singers, and about a dozen listeners.

Minutes, Dan Huger

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