2nd Lee Rogers Memorial Singing

* Hollingsworth Home
Ila, Madison County, Georgia
* Saturday, 18 September 2010

The second annual session of the Lee Rogers Memorial Singing was called to order by Robert Kelley leading 218t from the Christian Harmony (Deason-Parris Revision). John Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Michael Spencer 30b; Jane Spencer 197; John Plunkett 372 (for Richard DeLong and Andy Morse); Billy Hollingsworth 144b; Judy Mincey 378; John Hollingsworth 72b; Mary Baumeister 75b; Jonathon Smith 339; Chris Wilhelm 191; Nathan Rees 231t; Eddie Mash 362.

In a brief business session, the current officers were re-elected: Robert Kelley, Chairman; Michael Spencer, Vice-Chairman; and Shannon Primm, Secretary. John Plunkett was appointed to the arranging committee and Jane Spencer to fill in for Shannon Primm.


Robert Kelley led 336b to call the class back to order. Leaders: Michael Spencer 166; Jane Spencer 138; John Plunkett 62t; Billy Hollingsworth 85t; Judy Mincey 44b; John Hollingsworth 131 (for Mildred Chandler); Mary Baumeister 25b; Jonathon Smith 354t; Chris Wilhelm 9; Nathan Rees 8; Eddie Mash 164t; Helen Bryson 47; Sandra Wilkinson 248; David Libbey 354; Robert Kelley 310t (requested by Eddie Mash).


Robert Kelley called the class back to order leading 217. Leaders: Michael Spencer 246; Jane Spencer 172; John Plunkett 230t; Billy Hollingsworth 72t; Judy Mincey 304; John Hollingsworth 259t; Mary Baumeister 174b; Jonathon Smith 258; Chris Wilhelm 276; Nathan Rees 192; Eddie Mash 312; Helen Bryson 265; Sandra Wilkinson 298; Jackie Elsner 255, 117.

RECESS (and ice cream)

Michael Spencer brought the class back to order with 23b. Leaders: Robert Kelley 365; Jane Spencer 71; John Plunkett 262; Billy Hollingsworth 225t; Judy Mincey 50; Mary Baumeister 112; Chris Wilhelm 305; Nathan Rees 224t; Eddie Mash 224b; Jackie Elsner 149.

Robert Kelley led 203 to close; John Hollingsworth offered the closing prayer.

*Chairman, Robert Kelley; Vice Chairman, Michael Spencer; Secretary, Shannon Primm; Minutes by Jane Spencer*

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