SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 2009

All selections from Christian Harmony, Deason Parris revision.

Harvey Dockery called the class to order leading 325b and 253.
Leaders were called as follows: Tim Cook 72t, 73b
Luke Daniel 180
Karen Clark 81t, 80t
Mako Cook 30b
David Daniel 85b
Jeff James 58b, 59t
Don Clark 59b, 58t
Alison Mitchell 264, 171b
Eddie Pierce 188t, 143.

Recess. Dawn Mitchell resumed the class by leading 179 and 140.
The following singers were then called to lead: Robert DuPree 121t, 342
Tim and Mako Cook, and Yasuo and Yoko Furukawa 91
Tom Nelson 117, 248
Ola Meadows 247, 163t
Minerva Tatum 135, 221
Tyrone Morris 19, 82b
Mako Cook 284
Tim Cook 67b.

Lunch hour.

Harvey Dockery commenced the afternoon session by leading 325b, then calling the following leaders:
Jeff James 369
Brooke Hall 238, 157b, 277b
Karen Clark 189, 109
Beth Brown 214, 130b
Alison Mitchell 287, 106
Don Clark 326
Luke Daniel 165
Tyrone Morris 128b, 51
Cindy Hall 95, 281
David Daniel 149
Robert DuPree 293, 257
Eddie Pierce 122, 55
Billy Thompson 338b.

Announcements were made. Harvey Dockery led 23b as the closing song offered the closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Jeff James, Secretary.

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