The 3rd Annual Swannanoa Gathering Singing
Morris Outdoor Pavilion
Warren Wilson College
Swannanoa, Buncombe County, North Carolina

Saturday, 25 July 2009

This singing used The Christian Harmony, 2nd edition; The Sacred Harp, 1991; and The Southern Harmony, 1854.

Jane Spencer announced the first session would be from the Walker Christian Harmony ('Carolina book'), and led
Opening prayer, Shannon Primm
381-D-Holy Manna, Ron Pen
198-Creation, Chris Wilhelm
215t-In That Morning, Dot Lane
69t-Nazareth, Robert Kelley
253-Heavenly Rest, Shannon Primm
88-Pisgah, Claudia Dean
136-Sherburne, Tina Becker
217-Jerusalem, Don Wiley
36b-Albion, Julianne Wiley
71t-Edwards, Mary Baumeister
59t-Mear, Virginia Douglas
322t-Little Worth, Michael Spencer
55b-Idumea, Ann Strange
248b-Union, Dan Huger

Second morning session sung from Sacred Harp, 1991.
33b-Abbeville, Jane Spencer
146-Hallelujah, Ron Pen
316-New Hope, Chris Wilhelm
113-The Prodigal Son, Michael Spencer
402-Protection (2nd), Robert Kelley
129-Heavenly Armor, Shannon Primm, for John Plunkett
209-Evening Shade, Tina Becker
499b-At Rest, Mary Baumeister
38b-Windham, Julianne Wiley
39t-Detroit, Mimi Wright
312b- Restoration (1st), Claudia Dean
35-The Saints Bound for Heaven, Don Wiley
501b-O'Leary, Dan Huger
84-Amsterdam, Virginia Douglas
373-Homeward Bound, Dot Lane and Barbara Denson
455-Soar Away, Ron Pen, by request.

Ron Pen, on behalf of the Swannanoa Gathering, expressed appreciation to all the locals who helped with the singing, and to Warren Wilson College.
First afternoon session also sung from Sacred Harp 1991.
45t- New Britain, Ron Pen
176b-Blooming Youth, Jane Spencer and Rayna Gellert
351-Pittsford, Chris Wilhelm
278t-Love Shall Never Die, Michael Spencer
353-McGraw, Robert Kelley
350-Nativity, Shannon Primm
268-David's Lamentation, Tina Becker
106-Ecstasy, Mary Baumeister
42-Clamanda, Claudia Dean
569b-Sacred Throne, Don Wiley
269-Bear Creek, Dan Huger
40-Lenox, Virginia Douglas
347-Christian's Farewell, Susan Stone
200-Edom, Diane Eskenasy

Second afternoon session sung from Southern Harmony.
62, Louisiana, Jane Spencer
318-Jordan's Shore
159b-New Haven, Ron Pen
165t-Ionia, Chris Wilhelm
38-Resignation, Dot Lane and Grace Ellis
41-The Spiritual Sailor, Michael Spencer
73-Legacy, Robert Kelley
141-Hail, Columbia
72t-Georgia, Shannon Primm
71-Green Fields, Tina Becker
76-New Orleans, Mary Baumeister
143-Salutation, Don Wiley
198-Never Part Again
32-The Midnight Cry, Claudia Dean
92t-Fiducia, Dan Huger
89t-Dove of Peace
(SH) 267-Parting Friends (1st), Jane Spencer, Ron Pen and Chris Wilhelm, as closing lesson.
Closing prayer, Michael Spencer
Minutes by Chris Wilhelm; arranging by Dot Lane; Jane Spencer chair, and Ron Pen vice-chair.
The weather was sunny and warm. There were some thirty singers.

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