All selections from Christian Harmony, Deason Parris Revision, unless otherwise noted

Saturday Session

Danny Creel opened the singing school with announcements and thanked the Alabama State Council on the Arts for grant money provided to have the school (Steve Grauberger was there representing the Council). He also acknowledged the crew members present to film the singing school courtesy of the Beasley Foundation. He led 131 to open the singing school then Tim Cook began the school by going over the notes and had the class sing the scale. During an object lesson, singers formed a 'human scale' made up of the seven shapes. Tim gave a handout with information about where shape-notes originated. He spoke about sharps and flats and how to pronounce those note shapes when singing. Tim went over individual parts in several songs, so each student would hear the different parts, and then the class sang the entire song (page 67b, 30b).


Bill Hogan began teaching about more rudiments such as beating time and time signatures, which were not gone over in the previous session, and the class sang songs to demonstrate these rudiments. He then began instructing the class in elements of keying music. The class sang many songs to demonstrate the points that he gave listed on his handout.


Cassie Allen taught the class about the history and background of the 1958 revision of the Christian Harmony songbook, and about its revisers, O.A. Parris and John Deason. She spoke of Alabama singers and their roots to this tune book through the present day. Cassie also gave details about the changes to the previous songbooks over the years and what revisions were made, such as songs that were removed and added. The class sang songs by Parris (43, 131, 172), Deason (186, 322), John Hocutt (167b, 120), William Walker (307,208b) William 'Bennie' Rigdon (352), A.M. Cagle (54), Elsie Calvert Moon (10). Elsie was present to help lead the song she wrote when she was a teen. Cassie closed her session with 204t.

At this time different students led songs that were from other songbooks put in the Christian Harmony at the time of the revision:
Henry Johnson 261
SuNell Ellis 248
Lucy Heidorn and Ken Tate 346.


David Daniel spoke of a website he constructed to preserve history in Bibb County. This website features documents, letters, poetry from R.J. Deason, information regarding Little Hope church in Bibb County, etc.
Leaders: Danny Creel and Kelly Isbell led 155b
Emily Creel 238
David Daniel 165
Jane Spencer 133
Yancey Jett 287
Yancey and Ann Jett 360
Yancey Jett 117.
Announcements were given, Danny Creel offered prayer and the class sang 85b to close the day.

Sunday Session

Bill Hogan welcomed the class to the singing, then he and Tim Cook opened the singing with 64. The following officers were appointed serve: Bill Hogan and Tim Cook - Co-Chairmen
Emily Creel - Secretary
Cassie Allen - Arranging Committee.
Tim Cook sang 31t and Henry Johnson offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Emily Creel 57, 93 (for Harrison Creel)
Cassie Allen 281t, 354t
Gary Smith 281b, 204t
Danny Creel 308, 149
Carolyn Thompson 54, 148
Mike Spencer 235, 361
Marlin Beasley 255, 325b
Billy Thompson 248, 277b
Nancy Hogan 274, 321.


Tim Cook brought the class back by leading 'Aberdeen' and 'Fish Pond' (from North Carolina Christian Harmony).
Leaders: Hannah Tate 157b
Henry Guthery 59b, 4
Ann Jett 180, 264
J.C. Rutledge 178, 179
Joan Aldridge 19, 280t
Ed Thacker 163b, 309t
Judy Caudle 76b, 172
Steve Grauberger 35b, 77
Robert Walker 214, 128t
SuNell Ellis 143, 142.


Cassie Allen called the class back with 170.
Leaders: Jane Spencer 105t, 74
Yancey Jett 117, 109
Henry Johnson 105b, 80
Julianna Jett and Ann Jett 85b
Bea Carnathan 131, 189
Ken Tate 253, 186
Sarah Smith 238, 239t
Cindy Tanner 322, 51
Velton Chafin 332, 120
James Parker 323, 'Beulah Land' (by request)
Billy Williams 254, 272
Judy Caudle 172 (for video taken to Harrison Creel, who was in the hospital)
Cassie Allen 10 (by request), 176
Bill Hogan 284 (by request).

Announcements were made, and Bill Hogan, Tim Cook and Cassie Allen sang 50. Henry Guthery closed the singing with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Emily Creel, Secretary

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