Hopwood Memorial Christian Church
175th Anniversary Observance

Milligan College, Carter County, Tennessee
Sunday 26 April 2009

Selections from 'The Christian Harmony' (Carolina book)

Following dinner in the church hall, singers gathered in the sanctuary. While waiting for the attendees to join us, we sang

95b - Canaan's Land - Dan Huger
153 - Columbus - Don Wiley
59t - Mear - Alexander Garden
46t - The Hill of Zion - Mary Baumeister
269t - Restoration - Jeff Farr

Pastor Tim Ross gave an opening prayer.
Don Wiley made a very brief introduction to the shapes and led
78b - New Britain, by the parts.

Then the singing proceeded with
86 - Ortonville
128t -Ninety-Fifth, Dan Huger
31t - Home, Mary Baumeister
255t -Watchman, Jeff Farr
245t Bozrah, Alexander Garden
129t - Coronation, Julianne Wiley
207t - Windham, Dan Huger
64t - The Penitent's Prayer, Don Wiley
170t - Refuge, Mary Baumeister
255b - Talmar, Jeff Farr
60t - Dunlaps Creek, Alexander Garden
117 - Angel Band, Don Wiley by request
178b - Duke Street, Julianne Wiley
141b - Detroit, Dan Huger by request
261t - The Good Shepherd
103b - Fish Pond, Mary Baumeister
359 - Wondrous Love, Jeff Farr by request
120t - The Lonesome Dove, Dan Huger
94 - Plenary, Alexander Garden
293 - Lenox, Don Wiley by request
36b - Albion, Julianne Wiley
215t - In That Morning, Don Wiley
200b - Parting Hand
Closing prayer

Class was 34 at peak. A heretofore cool Spring yielded to a sunny, warm and windy day. Our thanks to the church for inviting us to be a part of their celebration.

Minutes recorded by Don Wiley

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