5th Amy Golightly Walker Memorial Singing

St. John's Historic Church
Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Sunday, 11 October, 2009

The singing used The Christian Harmony (Carolina book), and The Christian Harmony Deason Parris Revision (AL)

Jane Spencer opened the singing with
61t, North Carolina
Opening prayer: Dot Lane
Jane Spencer welcomed the singers.
68b, Arlington - Mary Baumeister
103b, Fish Pond - Chris Wilhelm
322t, Little Worth - Mike Spencer
235, Faithful Soldier - Dot Lane
80t, Caddo - Don Wiley
381D, Holy Manna - Sarah Jane Thomas
140, Edom - Julianne Wiley
138, Mount Pisgah - Robert Kelley
102b, Fleeting Days - Lela Crowder
175b, Breaker - Michael Walker
67t, Peterboro - Dave Richardson
327, The Christian's Hope - Shannon Primm


Jane called the class back with
131 (AL), Will You Meet Me
119b, Beulah - Mary Baumeister
167b (AL), Come Along - Chris Wilhelm
120 (AL), Home In the Sky - Mike Spencer
349 (AL), Redemption - Dot Lane
316 (AL), This Heavy Load - Don Wiley, for his son Ben, in Iraq
339, Samanthra - Sarah Jane Thomas
86, Ortonville - Charlotte Walker with Michael Walker
282, Friendship - Ginny Faust with Chris Wilhellm
55b, Idumea - Julianne Wiley

Lunch, blessing offered by Don Wiley

Jane called the singing to order with
133, Juniata
114, That Glorious Day - Michael Walker
253 (AL), Is It Far? - Dave Richardson
243, Zion's Light - Shannon Primm
244t, Mutual Love - Jane Spencer
245t, Bozrah - Mary Baumeister
203, Cumberland - Ginny Faust with Chris Wilhelm, in honor of TN singers at Headrick
163t, Hollis - Mike Spencer
299, Green Meadows - Dot Lane
87t, Zerah - Don Wiley
129t, Coronation - Charlotte Walker with Michael Walker
214, Hosanna - Chris Wilhelm with Ginny Faust
381B, Babylon is Fallen - Julianne Wiley
337, Sweet Harmony - Michael Walker
189 (AL), One by One - Dave Richardson


64 (AL), Youthful Blessings - Shannon Primm
143 (AL), Farther Along - Sarah Jane Thomas
307, True Happiness - Michael Walker
41t, Mediation - Dave Richardson
76b, Night - Don Wiley
215t, In That Morning - Julianne Wiley
200b, Parting Hand - Jane Spencer

We then went up the road to the gravesite of Amy Golightly Walker. There we sang
123t, Rapturous Scene - Michael Walker
236t, Pacolet - Mary Baumeister
151, Sweet Prospect - Jane Spencer

Many thanks to the Rutherford County Historical Society for the use of St. John's Historic Church.

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