Lawrence Chapel Methodist Church

Clemson, South Carolina
February 1, 2009

Song selections from The Christian Harmony (1873 Walker Edition) and The Christian Harmony (Deason-Parris Revision): AL

204t - Prayer Meeting, Ken George

Opening Prayer - John Hollingsworth

304 - Blue Vale of Naucoochee, Robert Kelley
181b - Brush Creek, Dan Huger
178b - Duke Street, Chris Wilhelm
68b - Arlington, Mary Baumeister
207t - Windham, Laurel Horton
67b - Dundee, Becky Walker
206b - Supplication, Caroline Parsons
41t - Mediation, Jane Spencer
198 - Creation, Giles Carter
35b - Boylston, Steve Walker
30b - Dennis, Mike Spencer
280t - Zion, John Hollingsworth
55b - Idumea, Ken George
52 - Newburg, Robert Kelley
64(AL) - Youthful Blessings, Dan Huger
298(AL) - My Shepherd Guides, Chris Wilhelm
103b - Fish Pond, Mary Baumeister
111t - Minister's Farewell, Laurel Horton
258 - Thorny Desert, Becky Walker
148 - Leander, Caroline Parsons
154t - Happy Time, Jane Spencer
51 - Lonsdale, Steve Walker
381C - Twilight is Falling, Giles Carter
339 - Samanthra, Dan Huger
23b - Evening Hymn, Mike Spencer
369 - Easter Anthem, Dan Huger
200b - Parting Hand, Ken George

Closing Prayer - Dan Huger

After the singing we adjourned to the fellowship hall for Martha George's soup, cornbread, pound cake and other refreshments.

Minutes, Jane Spencer

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