Oconee Heritage Center

Walhalla, South Carolina
5 December 2009

Selections from The Christian Harmony (1873 Walker Edition)

10:00 AM - Ken George welcomed the singers and observers, and thanked Ms. Leslie White, the director of the center, for kindly inviting us to sing as a part of the Christmas heritage programs. There were twenty four singers and observers present.

Opening Prayer - Steve Walker

137, Antioch - Dan Huger
261t, The Good Shepherd
261b, Aberdeen - Shannon Primm
23t, Phillippi
308, Prince of Light - John Plunkett
25b, Brimmer
323b, Angles Singing - Mary Baumeister
133, Juniata
148, Leander - Caroline Parsons
147t, Fairfield
258, Thorny Desert - Scott Swanton
347, Portuguese Hymn
280, Zion - Johen Hollingsworth
51, Lonsdale
198, Creation - Billy Hollingsworth
111b, Judkins
322t, Boerne - Michael Spencer
163t, Hollis
103t, Derrick - Jane Spencer
54b, Newingham
55b, Idumea - Ken George
105b, Resignation - Becky Walker
141b, Detroit - Steve Walker
342t, Blest Morn
214, Hosanna - Giles Carter
381C, Twilight is Falling
117, Angel Band - Anna Swanton
25t, Santee - Steven Rau

Recess (Lunch)

128t, Ninety-Fifth - Dan Huger
129b, Christmas
44b, Luther - Shannon Primm
175t, Breaker
175b, The Mercy-Seat - John Plunkett
179t, Laurell
245t, Bozrah - Mary Baumeister
87, Zerah - Caroline Parsons
207t, Windham
179, Laurell - Scott Swanton
144b, Walk With God - John Hollingsworth
169t, All-Saints - Billy Hollingsworth
369b, Easter Anthem
120b, Spartanburg - Michael Spencer
163b, Burroughs
349, Isles of the South - Jane Spencer
64, The Penitent's Prayer
381D, Holy Manna - Ken George
67b, Dundee - Becky Walker
136, Sherburne - Steve Walker
204t, Prayer Meeting
184b, Shepherd - Giles Carter
129, Christmas - Steven Rau


Closing Song: 200b, Parting Hand, Ken George
Closing Prayer, John Hollingsworth

Minutes, Ken George

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