All selections from Christian Harmony, Deason Parris revision, unless otherwise noted.

Saturday Session

President Danny Creel opened the convention by leading 31t. Ed Thacker offered the morning prayer. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Danny Creel - Chairman, Emily Creel - Secretary, Tim Cook - Arranging Committee.

Leaders: Danny Creel 51
Tim Cook 50
Henry Guthery 64
Judy Caudle 258
Martha Beverly 16
Emily Creel 57
Ed Thacker 255
Jane Spencer 63t
Mike Spencer 361
David Daniel and Olivia Sanders 180
Velton Chafin 332
Nancy Hogan 280b
Dawson Dockery 214
Henry Johnson 163t
Karen Clark 189
John Merritt and Mary Whitehurst 81t
Gary Smith 281b
Scott Kennedy 49.


The Chairman Danny Creel called the class back with 354t.
Leaders: Henry Schuman 171
Don Clark 121t
Billy Thompson 109
Bill Beverly 248
Joan Aldridge 168b
Harvey Dockery 92
Luke Daniel 286
Xaris Martinez and Emily Creel 91
Darlene Reynolds 355
Mary Whitehurst 19
Bill Hogan and Ross Brand 372
Billy Williams and Bill Hogan 225t
Ricky Harcrow 123
Wanda Capps 172
Robert Walker 264
Shannon Primm 263
Oleta Stewart 85b
SuNell Ellis 184.


Danny Creel resumed singing by leading 364. Two committees were appointed by the chair to serve: Financial committee - David Daniel, Billy Thompson, Tim Cook; Locating committee: Bill Hogan and Henry Guthery.
Leaders: Olivia Sanders 109
Ann Jett 338b
Elsie Moon 253
Darrell Swarens 107
Harrison Creel 111, 326 (by request)
Ross Brand 86b
Seth Holloway 221t
Tim Cook 272, 78 (by request)
Mike Spencer 163b
Mary Whitehurst 143
Darlene Reynolds 181
Jane Spencer 362
Don Clark 155
Bill Beverly 191
Henry Schuman 42
Martha Beverly 307
Darrell Swarens and John Merritt 117
Karen Clark and Bill Hogan 133.

Announcements were made. Danny Creel led 23b as the closing song. The singing was closed in prayer by Henry Guthery.

Sunday Session

Chairman Danny Creel welcomed the convention back for a second day of singing by leading 96. David Daniel offered the opening prayer.
Leaders: Danny Creel 255
Tim Cook 254b
Billy Thompson 277
Emily Creel 352
Henry Guthery 59b
Henry Johnson 80
Ann Jett 170
Bill Hogan 292
Mako Cook 282
Ed Thacker and Harrison Creel 238
Caitlin James 180
Sarah Smith 117
Nancy Hogan 281t
Ross Brand 16
Martha Beverly 240.


Danny Creel called the singers back with 149.
Leaders: David Daniel 165
Xaris Martinez 201
Bill Beverly 208
Deborah Feaster 156, 349 (for Ruth Wyers)
John Merritt 'Higher Ground'
Martha Thompson 253
Wanda Capps 322
Marlin Beasley 120.


Tim Cook brought the class back by leading 193.
Leaders: Jeff James 81t
Ken Tate 176
Darlene Reynolds and John Merritt 204t
Yancey Jett and Emily Creel 308
SuNell Elliss and Ken Tate 206
Henry Schuman 36t.


Danny Creel led 131 to call the class back after lunch.
Leaders: Robert Dupree 264
Henry Guthery 316
Gary Smith 70b.

Ann Jett and John Merritt conducted a memorial lesson. The sick and shut-in remembered were Ruth Wyers, Marsha Hedrick, Charlotte McCarn, Rhoda Norris, John Plunkett, Glenn Keeton, Cindy Tanner, Kathleen Robbins and Uel Freeman. They led 186 in honor of them. The deceased remembered were John Etheridge, Earnestine Thompson, Arthur Deason, Nora Higginbotham, Paul King and Frank Hataway. John Merritt and Ross Brand led 261b in their memory. The Memorial lesson was closed in prayer by Ed Thacker.

Singing continued with the following leaders called: Elsie Moon 257
Seth Holloway 85b
Tom Adams 78b
Pat Adams 129
Harrison Creel 64, 51, 194 (by request)
Billy Williams 139b
Jane Latture 30b
Ross Brand and Xaris Martinez 167, 54
Billy Beverly 31t
Henry Schuman 42 (by request)
Martha Beverly 303
Tim Cook 378, 60 (by request).

A business session was called with the following officers reelected to serve: Danny Creel, President; Harvey Dockery and Jeff James, Vice-Presidents; Tim Cook, Secretary and Treasurer; Harvey Dockery, Chaplain. It was recommended, motioned and seconded to have the 2010 State Convention at Union Missionary Baptist Church in Walker County, Alabama. Motion carried. Business session closed.

Announcements were made.
SuNell Ellis and Marlin Beasley led 77.
Danny Creel led 76b as the closing song. Henry Johnson closed the convention with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Emily Creel, Secretary.

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