Webster Singing

Webster UMC
Webster, Jackson County, North Carolina
Saturday, 5 April, 2008

Will Peebles welcomed the group and opened the singing.

21, Webster
61, North Carolina
58, Primrose, June Jolley
128, Hester
207, Windham, Don Wiley
57, Kambia
255, Watchman, Pelham Thomas
26b, Ninety-Third, Julianne Wiley
35b, Boylston
106, Sweet Rivers, Sarah Jane Thomas
215t, In That Morning
51t, Lonsdale, Diane Eskenasy
89b, Northfield
41t, Mediation, Julianne Wiley
55b, Idumea
128t, Ninety-Fifth, Tim Aldrich
103b, Fish Pond, Will Peebles
59t, Mear, was sung for the meal blessing


360, The Saints Bound for Heaven, June Jolley
95b, Canaan's Land
130b, Passing Away, Don Wiley
289b, Happy Land
214, Hosanna, Scott Swanton
129t, Coronation
281b, Palmetto, Larry Beveridge
321. Olive Shade
159t. The Saint's Delight, Sarah Jane Thomas
217, Jerusalem
160t, Awake, Jerusalem, Dan Huger
261d, The Good Shepherd
127, Ocean, Diane Eskenasy
339, Samanthra
354b, Sicily, Julianne Wiley
269t, Restoration


381-D, Holy Manna, Will Peebles
344, Morality
240, Morning Light, Tim Aldrich
77t, Rockingham, June Jolley
64t, Penitent's Prayer
135, Raymond. Numbers, shapes, poetry, Scott Swanton
134, Liberty
307, True Happiness, Larry Beveridge
111t, Minister's Farewell
52t, Newburg, Dan Huger
49, Forever with the Lord,

200b, Parting Hand

After dinner, there were fourteen singers present in this fine singing space. Collection was taken for the church in appreciation. There was a gentle rain all day on the dry and thirsty earth.

Minutes: Don Wiley

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