Tickanetly Primitive Baptist Church

Tickanetly Community, Gilmer County, Georgia
Sunday, 24 August 2008

There had been an hour's worth of singing in the morning, and then an hour of preaching; followed by dinner-on-the-grounds. The singing was called back to order at 1 pm, by the chairman, Paul Mooney, jr.

All selections from Christian Harmony, 1958(/94) ('the Alabama book').

100-Tennessee, Paul Mooney, Jr
330-Fulfilment, Jeremy Shipp
86b-Hick's Farewell
235-Faithful Soldier, Jane Spencer
224t-Kay, Nathan Reese
130b-Passing Away
(after singing the verses in Christian Harmony, by request the class sang the contrasting verses from 'The Good Old Songs', page 158).
117-Angel Band, Ginger Bearden
77-How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
80-The Blind Girl, Michael Thompson
35t-Lisbon, Polly Bearden
111t-Fleeting Days
88-Pisgah, Jonathon Smith
215-In That Morning
258-Thorny Desert, Dan Huger
131-Will You Meet Me?
52-Newburg, Richard DeLong
64-Youthful Blessings
287-Indian Convert, Mary Baumeister
130t-Sacred Love
255-Watchman, Chris Wilhelm
29t-Mear, Martha Sullivan (with Jane Spencer)
143-Farther Along
135-Raymond, Ellen Ridehilgh
323-Holy Manna, Greg Walton
274-Mother, Tell Me of the Angels, Cheryl Carter
27t-Morning Worship
204t-What a Day, Dorothy Weaver
In an extremely abbreviated business meeting, Paul Mooney, Jr was acclaimed as leader for next year's singing.

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