8th Annual "State of Franklin" Singing

New Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church
near Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee
Saturday, 31 May 2008

Don Wiley has posted some video clips from this New Harp of Columbia singing:

The singing used New Harp of Columbia, and Christian Harmony "Carolina Book" (Walker, 1874/1994) as noted. In NHC, songs with "A" are found only in the rear of the ‘restored edition’.

Jeff Farr gave the opening prayer, then declared
first morning session to be NHC.
107-Holy Manna, Don Wiley
108-Whitestown, Dan Huger
35-95th, Gid Fryer
110-North Salem, Tina Becker
25-93rd, Julianne Wiley
154-Yarmouth, Chris Wilhelm
18-Windham, Virginia Douglas
47-The Promised Land, Ann Strange - In Memoriam, L Olzsewski
94-Devizes, Jeff Farr
151-Pleyel's Hymn, Claudia Dean
43-Pleasant Hill, Mary Baumeister
109-Bruce's Address, Nancy Olson
Second morning session from Christian Harmony
428b-Hester, Don Wiley
106-Sweet Rivers, Dan Huger
82b-Hick's Farewell, Tina Becker
41b-Mediation, Julianne Wiley
169b-Devotion, Chris Wilhelm
59b-Mear, Virginia Douglas
35b-Boylston, Ann Strange
245t-Bozrah, Jeff Farr
29b-Warrenton, Wyatt Farr
103b-Fish Pond, Claudia Dean
174b-Prospect, Mary Baumeister
117-Angel Band, Martha Sullivan
-for her friend, Nancy McGaha
339-Samanthra, Nancy Olsen
67b-Dundee, Chris Wilhelm

The afternoon session was "Leader's Choice".
NHC 184A-The Church Bell, Jeff Farr - for Lucy Heyerman
NHC 68-Paradise, Don Wiley
NHC 208-Ode on Science, Dan Huger
NHC 115-Northfield, Tina Becker
NHC 810b-Shawmut, Virginia Douglas
NHC 146-Edom, Julianne Wiley
NHC 114t-Zion, Chris Wilhelm
NHC 61-Leander, Ann Strange
NHC 83-Kingswood, Jeff Farr
NHC 214-Consolation, Claudia Dean
CH 204t-Prayer Meeting, Martha Sullivan
NHC 101-Winter, Mary Baumeister
CH 381B-Babylon is Fallen, Nancy Olsen
CH 214-Hosanna, Don Wiley
"Ruth: Phillips"; "The Wedding Hymn: Ingalls" - preparation for J Shipp's wedding in July
NHC 11-Old 100, Nancy Olsen
Closing prayer

There were some twenty singers.
A collection was made for the church.
The weather was bright and warm.

Minutes by Dan Huger

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