Natural Tunnel State Park

Duffield, Scott County, Virginia
October 3 and 4, 2008

All selections from The Christian Harmony ('Carolina book').

Friday evening

Joy Nihil of the Cove Ridge Arts Council welcomed the group and introduced Don Wiley who spoke briefly of other singing events in the local area. Don introduced Dan Huger who conducted a short school about the history of the tradition and the basic rudiments.

After the square was formed, Dan led the class in
78b - New Britain

Then the following songs were lead

67b - Dundee, Jane Spencer
225b - Martin, Don Wiley
33b - Lisbon, Mike Spencer
207t - Windham, Tina Becker
59t - Mear, Ann Strange
103b - Fish Pond, Julianne Wiley
359 - Wondrous Love, Alexander Garden
55b - Idumea, Dan Huger, by request
289b - Happy Land, Don Wiley
76b - Night

Closing prayer - Don Wiley

There were around 40 in attendance.

Saturday - all day

371-D - Holy Manna, Don Wiley
Opening prayer - Don Wiley

Jane Spencer then led a brief scale practice and took various questions.

59t - Mear, Jane Spencer
129t - Coronation
128t - Ninety-Fifth, Scott Swanton
130b - Passing Away
85b - Idumea, Larry Beveridge
70b - Brown
25b - Brimmer, Dan Huger
185b - Corinth
35b - Boylston, Ann Strange
30b - Dennis, Mike Spencer
23b - Evening Hymn
36 - Albion, Don Wiley
171t - Sessions
63b - Azmon, Tina Becker
367 - David's Lamentation
269t - Restoration, Julianne Wiley
296 - Lenox
89b - Northfield - Alexander Garden
88 - Pisgah, Jane Spencer
78t - Fountain
215 - In That Morning, Scott Swanton
214 - Hosanna
221t - Pleyel's Hymn, Larry Beveridge
24b - Frederica, Dan Huger
24t - Volusia, Ann Strange with Jane Spencer
24b - Olean, Mike Spencer
361 - Solemn Thought

Prayer - Scott Swanton


87t - Zerah, Tina Becker
189b - Retreat, Don Wiley
245t - Bozrah, Julianne Wiley
338b - Davis, Alexander Garden
133 - Juniata, Jane Spencer
135 - Raymond- shapes and poetry, Scott Swanton
255t - Watchman, Larry Beveridge
56t - America, Dan Huger
86 - Ortonville, Ann Strange
267 - Louisiana, Mike Spencer
136 - Sherburne, Tina Becker
199b - Vernon, Don Wiley, by request
141b - Detroit, Julianne Wiley
345b - The Shepherd's Star, Alexander Garden
63t - Condescension, Jane Spencer
268 - Come Ye To The Waters
261t - The Good Shepherd, Dan Huger
344 - Morality, Ann Strange
64t - The Penitent's Prayer, Mike Spencer
67b - Dundee - shapes and v3 only, Larry Beveridge
117 - Angel Band, Don Wiley by request
200b - Parting Hand

Closing prayer - Dan Huger

There were around 35 in attendance. At both sessions, newcomers participated fully, including coming to stand in the square.

Very large and sincere thanks to the Arts Council, specifically to Jean Brown and her group of hardworking volunteers and the cheerful and helpful park staff. We were very well taken care of at this lovely place. And my personal appreciation to my singing friends who travelled to support this initial singing in SW Virginia.

We enjoyed crisp and clear autumn weather, good food, good fellowship and good singing!

Minutes by Julianne and Don Wiley
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