118th Old Folk's Day

Morning Star Methodist Church
Dutch Cove, near Canton, Haywood County, North Carolina
Sunday, 14 September 2008

All selections 'Carolina book' (1873/1994).

At 1:30 pm, after the traditional church service and Dinner-on-the-grounds, June Smathers Jolley welcomed the singers, and led the opening prayer.
88-Pisgah, June Jolley
159-The Saint's Delight
178b-Duke Street, Mary Baumeister
103b-Fish Pond
41b-Mediation, Jane Spencer
309t-Singing School, Chris Wilhelm
111t-Minister's Farewell
78b-New Britain, June Jolley
102b-Fleeting Days, Robert Kelley
105b-Resignation, Mike Nichols
98-Christian Soldiers
81t-Maitland, Don Wiley
129t-Coronation, Tina Becker
120t-Lonesome Dove, Dan Huger
110t-Volunteers (in memory of Quay Smathers)
94-Plenary, Milton Crotts
215t-In That Morning, June Jolley
117-Angel Band, Mary Baumeister
58t-Liverpool, Jane Spencer
195-Garden, Laura Krueger
180t-Zion, Chris Wilhelm
360-The Saints Bound for Heaven, Robert Kelley
58b-Primrose, Mike Nichols
245-Bozrah, Kirsten Davis
367-David's Lamentation, Don Wiley
81t-Mount Vernon, Tina Becker
361t-The Good Shepherd, Dan Huger
76b-Night, Jamie Joseph
Closing Prayer, Zeb Jolley
200b-Parting Hand

Minutes, Dan Huger

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