Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church

Johnson City, Tennessee
Sunday, 20 January 2008

All selections from The Christian Harmony, "Carolina" book

Don Wiley welcomed the group and introduced the shapes and major and minor scales.

Opening prayer: Don Wiley

381-D, Holy Manna - Don Wiley
78b, New Britain - Scott Swanton
204t, Prayer Meeting - Mary Baumeister
298b, Happy Land - Jeff Farr
81t, Maitland - Chris Wilhelm
59t, Mear - Julianne Wiley
64t, The Penitent's Prayer - Don Wiley
129t, Coronation - Scott Swanton
68b, Arlington - Mary Baumeister
343, Tell the Story - requested by Carolyn Shepherd
269t, Restoration - Jeff Farr
55b, Idumea - Chris Wilhelm
178b, Duke Street - Julianne Wiley
89b, Northfield - Scott Swanton
120t, The Lonesome Dove - Mary Baumeister
280t, Zion - Jeff Farr
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven - Chris Wilhelm
67b, Dundee - Julianne Wiley
117, Angel Band - Don Wiley in honor of Dan Huger :)


200b, Parting Hand - Don Wiley

There were 12 singers altogether. The day was clear and bitter cold.

Minutes by Chris Wilhelm

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