County Line Church

Jefferson County, Alabama
Sunday, 20 January 2008

The annual Christian Harmony singing at County Line Church was held on a very cold morning, but saw a great turnout of singers braving the cold. Chairman Harrison Creel asked Henry Guthery to open the singing, and he led 19. Ed Thacker followed with the morning prayer. The officers of this singing are: Harrison Creel - Chairman; Emily Creel - Secretary; Wanda Capps - Arranging Committee.

Leaders: Danny Creel 31t, 10; Karen Clark 189, 143; Robert Walker 214, 171; Emily Creel 64, 131; Gaylon Powell (from Texas) 41t, 336t; Nancy Hogan 107, 321; Eugene Forbes 117, 109; Ruth Wyers 352, 241 with Bill Hogan; John Plunkett 268, 145t; Joan Aldridge 168b, 280t.


Henry Guthery called the class back with 59b. Leaders: Ken Tate 149; Henry Johnson 105b, 80; Kaitlin James 179, 248; Tammy Powell 184, 180; Shane Wooten 121t, 307; Andrew Farris 8, 367; Sam Sommers (all the way from Indiana!) 54, 230b; Elsie Moon, with Cassie Allen and Emily Creel 253, 281b; Jeff James 128b, 264; Cindy Tanner 85b with Julianna Jett, 82b; Dr. Robert Dupree 63t (we led it in 4, and finally got it right!), 129.


Harrison Creel led 111t to start the afternoon session. Mike Spencer (he and his wife came from Georgia to sing our seven shapes) 267, 23b; Ed Thacker 46b, 240; Bea Carnathan (only her second seven-shape singing---she’s doing well) 40b, 353; Marlin Beasley 91,134; Ann Jett 326, 170, and 338 b (in memory of Aunt Marie); Jane Spencer (from NC) 318, 9b; Cindy Tanner (at Yancey Jett’s request) 287; Bill Hogan 172, 60; Sarah Smith 237, 133 with Gaylon Powell; Bob Watkins (who also recorded the singing) 59t, 51; Gary Smith 70b, 46t; Billy Williams 222b, 225t; David Daniel 178, 36t; Cassie Allen 14, 176; Wanda Capps 258, 322. Announcements were made. Harrison Creel and Karen Clark closed the singing with 76b, followed with a closing prayer by Danny Creel.

Respectfully submitted,
Emily Creel, Secretary

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