Lawrence Chapel Methodist Church

Clemson, South Carolina
February 3, 2008

All song selections from the Carolina book (William Walker edition)

Welcome - Ken George

Opening Prayer - John Hollingsworth

204t, Prayer Meeting - John Hollingsworth
269t, Restoration - Robert Kelley
157b, Hallelujah
128t, Ninety-Fifth - Steve Walker
93, Something New
250, Realms of the Blest - Chris Berg
245t, Bozrah
67b, Dundee - Becky Walker
89t, Brightest Days
147t, Fairfield - Caroline Parsons
215t, In That Morning
30b, Dennis - Mike Spencer
267, Louisiana
136, Sherburne - Billy Hollingsworth
369b, Easter Anthem
381-C, Twilight is Falling - Giles Carter
117, Angel Band
381-A, Not Made With Hands - Ken George
55b, Idumea
60t, Dunlaps Creek - Dan Huger
77t, Rockingham
78b, New Britain - Robert Kelley
72t, Jordan
88, Pisgah - Steve Walker
128b, Hester
129t, Coronation - Becky Walker
105b, Resignation


A time for fellowship and refreshments followed the announcements.

Minutes, Ken George

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